MyPromille mobile application wants to give insight in the blood alcohol content (BAC) when drinking alcohol beverages. MyPromille wants to give awareness by estimating the alcohol level inside the body while consuming alcohol .

Based on the information provided by the user (gender and weight) MyPromille calculates the amount of alcohol in your blood using a formula developed by a Swedish professor named Erik Widmark(1920). The real blood alcohol content varies from person to person according to their metabolism, this app is only providing estimative, it does not mean the real value, use with caution.

The calculation of the app is based on different variables: weight, gender, drink type (amount of alcohol and percentage) and time of the consumption. After the calculation the current BAC is displayed on the screen, the level goes down automatically by the progression of the time. There is also a time indication when the persons alcohol content is again equal to (or lower then) the desired limit (Configurable by the user).

Be aware that this app is only giving an estimation based on a formula and has no legal value, It has no intention to replace a breathalyser. This application is not meant to be used, nor should be used to diagnose the real BAC as a breathalyser. The publisher of MyPromille is not legally responsible of the acts of the user.

Legal Disclaimer
MyPromille and all of its content are under legal protection. It’s forbidden to copy or reproduce content of the application.